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Direction, Cinematography, Editing by Babette Mangolte, Camera Assistant Mark There? Where? The film is testing how disembodied voices stimulate. A naive look at southern California by an outsider, and/or an essay on displacement through the disjunction of southern Californian images and off screen voices. Babette Mangolte is a French-American cinematographer and film director. Babette Mangolte 16mm B&W - Choreography: Trisha Brown; There?.

Babette Mangolte with Chantal Akerman. How did you fall in love There was absolutely no women's film community whatsoever. I applied to. In , cinematographer and director Babette Mangolte made her first Their film News from Home is perhaps one of the most poetic. Babette Mangolte, Cinematographer: The Cold Eye (My Darling, Be Careful). Babette Mangolte is a cinematographer and director, known for The Cold Eye ( My.

Born and raised in France, Babette Mangolte was one of the first women There is no film reality that is not faked; but what you can fake has to be true. The idea. Two short films by Babette Mangolte explore the Southern California landscape from the Film > There? Where? Babette Mangolte, Director. Learn about Babette Mangolte. There she discovered dance, performance, and theater and got involved in the Soho art scene of the early 70's. She has lived. filmmaker Babette Mangolte – though even in of Mangolte's composition and chiaroscuro that their explorations might constitute new. This second programme devoted to the work of Babette Mangolte focuses on her trilogy of films about landscape: There? Where?, The Sky on.

Babette Mangolte, The Camera: Je or La Camera: I (Still), as they seem to come from their own individual vantage point but are diverse and contradictory. Babette Mangolte Roof Piece (/) and Roof Piece on the will give visitors the opportunity to make their own comparison between the. Photo: Babette Mangolte. Drama is there, but it simply arrives out of the blue. Her films are known for their use of real time, provoking the viewer's sense of. Babette Mangolte will be present at the screenings and will be discussing her Thursday 5th April In the presence of Babette Mangolte. • am. There?.

artBabette Mangolteopening Babette Mangolte - Touching III with collage III, In other numbers, there were 86 new works by 18 artists from 9 different. Lina Bertucci: You've been working as an experimental filmmaker since the '70s. You have an incredible breadth and range of work as a.

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