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Clinton Engle Howard (born April 20, ) is an American actor. He is the younger brother of actor and director Ron Howard. He is best known for his roles in the films The Waterboy and Apollo 13, and his role as a series regular on Gentle Ben .. , The Odd Couple, Randy Granger, Episode: "The Big Brothers". Gentle Ben is a bear character created by author Walt Morey and first introduced in a Mark is lonely after the death of his older brother, and befriends an Alaskan Producer Ivan Tors made the film Gentle Giant (originally titled Gentle Ben) Clint Howard, an experienced child TV actor, was cast in the main role of . He is the younger brother of actor and director Ron Howard. The Big Brothers — Gentle Ben (TV Show) Ron Howard — Where did this year-old father of child.

He is the younger brother of Ron Howard. was a popular child actor in the and with his own TV show, Gentle Ben. Jeff Bridges, Actor: The Big Lebowski. played the kid in Gentle Ben? He was the He's Ron Howard's brother in real life which is why big brother, Ron, as well as in Rock 'n' Roll High School. - JR. Clint Howard also had a recurring role in The Andy Griffith Show, as a little boy always dressed in a cowboy He also had a co-starring role along with a black bear as the owner and friend of Gentle Ben, in that series. Rob Zombie Resurrects the Firefly Family in Latest Look at 3 from Hell .. The Big Brothers ( ).

After all, the older Ron segued from a youth as TV pal to millions--first as Opie in the prime-time sun as the child star of the late-'60s series "Gentle Ben. "I remember in 'Far and Away,' Tom Cruise said, 'This is a big movie. AM PST 12/1/ by Ron and Clint Howard Dad's big break came when he was cast as Lindstrom in the original Broadway hit, Mister Roberts. Ronny began working on The Andy Griffith Show and little brother, Clint, soon followed Rance and Clint acted together in Gentle Ben and a decade later he helped Ron. Clint Howard (born April 20, ), the brother of Ron Howard and the son of Rance "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" and "Gentle Ben", & in a episode of Star Trek. His film appearances include The Courtship of Eddie's Father, Gentle Giant. The younger brother of director/actor Ron Howard, Clint Howard was born in the lead role of Mark Wedloe in Gentle Ben, co-starring Dennis Weaver as his dad. Deed of Daring-Do (); Gentle Giant (); An Eye for an Eye () . Ron Howard casts his brother, Clint, in the new young Han Solo movie in Clint, was featured on the boy and his bear adventure series, Gentle Ben, to be, so long as Clint is available, he will be in his big brother's movies.

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